We believe that cigar smoking is something truly special. The best cigars and experiences belong in a book worthy of your legacy. The Cigar Legend focuses on the occasion of smoking, not just the cigar. Designed to incorporate a human component into its classic feel, the book is beautifully constructed and built to last. It features timeless artwork and plenty of real estate to place your most special cigar bands, tasting notes, and fondest memories.

Designed in Texas, Made in America.

your cigar life

The first section is where you profile the genesis of your relationship with cigars and cigar culture while highlighting the preferred aspects of your cigar life. Use the section’s 23 pages to immortalize relevant facts, cherished memories, peoples, and places. It even features a global map where you can mark the various locations where you have enjoyed a cigar.

your legend

The Legend section’s 50 entry pages are where your most special cigar moments are celebrated, memories stored, and the accompanying cigar’s band, and stats, recorded.

Everyone has a story. Commemorate fine cigar occasions such as weddings, births, and business successes. Write tasting notes if you desire. Grow your Legend one entry at a time.

your collection

Place your stock of cigar bands in this section’s 41 pages. Relocate the loose bands from that old cigar box. Each page has space for 9 bands; 18 when the book is open.

the book

The book is of the highest quality and is manufactured in the USA. It is bound with bonded leather and features a gold foil stamp logo on the front cover and timeless, hand-drawn artwork inside. There are 176 pages of acid-free paper that receive ink well.


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