The Journal

The Cigar Legend is a leather-bound dedicated to housing your great cigar bands, experiences and memories.


We honor and cherish American craftsmanship. This is why we decided to make the book in the USA. The book was designed in Dallas, TX and made in Illinois. It measures 9.5" x 12" and is perfect bound with an industrial quality bookbinding glue. The cover is leather-bound wrapped in leather made by Cromwell. Due to the exceptional quality of the book, your timeless cigar experiences will last for generations.


There are 10 full page illustrations in the book. They were all created by Spencer Smith, a local artist in Dallas, TX. Spencer crafted these pieces to represent cigars and the imagery that goes along with them. The media used was colored pencil in order to give a vibrant look, while also keeping the texture rustic.

Cigar Life

This is where you make your Cigar Legend personal. Talk about your history with cigars with prompts like: "How did you Cigar Life begin?" and "What is your earliest cigar-related memory?" Memorialize your experiences with cigars in a timeless leather-bound heirloom that will impress anyone you meet.

Your Legend

Oftentimes, we smoke cigars on the most wonderful of occasions. The Cigar Legend allows you to keep those memories forever. This section of the book is where you catalog not only the cigar itself, but the occasion that went along with it. Three are up to 50 Legend entries for your favorite cigars and memories.


Sometimes, we'll have a great cigar that doesn't need to go in the Legend section. This is why we've put 369 band placements in the collection section near the end of the book. This is a great place to dump out that bowl of cigar bands that you have in your house. Each page holds 9 bands, with 18 being displayed while the book is open. This makes the book a beautiful piece for your coffee table, or office.

Your Legend Lookbook