Our Legend

The idea for The Cigar Legend (TCL) struck Barrett Kincheloe while he was overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Vina Del Mar, Chile. Though the moment reads like a Hollywood script, it wasn’t. Rather, it was the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of experiences, skills, and interests.

Hailing from Dallas, Barrett grew up surrounded by the sweet aroma of his father’s frequent cigars. You could say that he was raised in a “Ron Burgundy” household; complete with leather-bound books and the smell of mahogany. Trivial as they may seem, these details forged in him a lasting appreciation of both aesthetic and classic style.

Perhaps due to the influence of his upbringing, he left home to study graphic design in Austin, Texas. The first seedling of what would become TCL sprouted during his final semester, in a class where students had to design an actual product to sell. Barrett designed a smaller leather-bound cigar book called, The Cigar Youmidor. His classmates and professor enjoyed the prototype but, after graduation, the idea was shelved and the book gathered dust.

His professional life involved freelance graphic design and video editing work. He naturally excelled in the field but, alas he was unfulfilled. He had developed an entrepreneurial itch.

So how did Barrett end up in Chile? Word came via the interwebs that a new educational adult startup tailored for entrepreneurs existed in Chile. The 12-week program featured folks from all over the world in different phases of life. It was geared towards those who found a mismatch between what they were doing in life and what their heart told them was their intended purpose. Themes included self-reliance, effective communication, computer coding, skills necessary for handling the mental stress associated with entrepreneurship, and community.

The program culminated, hopefully, in a real world business. Feedback was gathered, ideas were iterated, and what came out the other side was, ideally, a viable project. He came up with the perfect name for this new, improved version of the Youmidor: The Cigar Legend. The product combined his passions for cigars and beautiful design.

Nothing like it existed, so he created it.

Barrett’s experience in Chile provided him with a strong network of like-minded individuals. He met Patrick Keating, a Denton, Texas-based entrepreneur, who attended the program 6-months after Barrett did. He assists with all things marketing. Though new to the cigar world, he has quickly gained an appreciation for it as he was also raised by a cigar-smoking father.

We hope that you enjoy what The Cigar Legend has to offer. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email us at talktous@thecigarlegend.com